‘May oras ka ba?’ It is maybe the moment to share time and heart to our elderly Kabayans. Pinoys are invited to join a government initiative to reach out to a growing number of ageing Filipino-Australians needing that filial touch of care and love.

The Community Visitors Scheme is recruiting bilingual volunteers who can visit elderly people in residential aged care homes (nursing hoes and hostels) in the Sydney metropolitan area. The Scheme, a Federal Government initiative, aims at matching special friends, on a one-to-one basis, for the isolated residents from a culturally and linguistically diverse background in residential aged care facilities.

It is expected that the volunteer visitors can help to improve the quality of life of elderly people, maintain their independence, enhance their social contacts and minimize their isolation from the general community. Community visitors are expected to pay regular visits (once a fortnight) to isolated elderly residents living in residential aged care facilities. The volunteers needed are those who can speak English and Filipino.

Currently there is a number of Filipino speaking men and women residing in facilities in Banksia, Burwood, Chatswood and Lilyfield who have very limited social contact and requires friendly visits from people coming from a similar cultural background and speak the same language. The English proficiency of many is extremely limited. It would be of great benefits to the residents if someone from your community is willing to visit them regularly.

Orientation and on-going support (e.g. training, meetings and newsletters) will be available to the visitor. Travelling expenses will be reimbursed. A small yearly budget will be allocated to the visitor to purchase gift(s) for the resident being visited.

If you live in the NSW area and would want to know more on how to join the Scheme, contact:

Community Visitors Scheme

(02) 9515-9871 / 9515-9872
Level 7, King George V Bldg.Royal Prince Alfred Hospital,Missenden Road, Camperdown 2050
valerie.chu [at], jeannie.tam [at]

Issue: magPinoy December 2011

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