Young talented Filipino tennis player appealing for help in comeback campaign

Nineteen-year old Filipino professional tennis player, Jeson Patrombon has picked Australian Pro-Tour to re-launch his campaign to cement a successful place in the world senior men’s tennis.

Jeson’s career high ATP single ranking was 869th, [at 13 August 2012], and doubles at 1241 [at 22 October 2012]. However, after being sidelined for more than a year due to an ankle injury, his rankings slid down to currently 1255th and 1585th in singles and doubles respectively.

Jeson Patrombon Single Finals Winner of Gloucester Tennis Tournament
Jeson Patrombon Single Finals Winner of Gloucester Tennis Tournament

Jeson is back in his previous form and determined to claw his way back to higher rung of the ATP ranking ladder. He arrived early February 2013 in Australia and had put a win under his belt. Jeson won in straight sets in the semi-finals 6-1, 6-0 against T. Huens and the finals 6-1, 6-0 against Jack Maddocks, [both Australian players] at the AMT Men’s Singles of the Gloucester District Tennis Association.

Standing at 173 metres [5’8”] tall with a slight built, Jeson plays right hand and double-hand backhand. He is versatile on court as he plays in all types of tennis surfaces – in 2013 quarter finals in the Australian Open, he played in Plexicushion; in 2011 he played on grass at the 2nd round in Wimbledon and clay in the French Open.

Jeson’s Younger Years

Jeson comes from a humble beginning in Iligan City, in the southern part of the Philippines. He is the second youngest of seven children, with the eldest brother now being 28 years of age and youngest sister aged 7 years of age. His father worked as a janitor to support the family, with his mother tending to the brood.

Jeson’s foray in tennis started as a “pulot boy” [ball boy]. Jeson started playing tennis at the age of 7 years, with his natural talent as a tennis player came to notice at the age of 12 years. With winning of prizes in competitions, he was able to supplement his father’s meagre income and effectively became the second breadwinner of the family. He put aside his studies to compete in as many tennis tournaments he could, resulting with his formal education only being first year at high school level.

At age 15, Jeson was ranked World number 9 Junior Player. His success brought enough money to fund his eldest brother completing a Marketing degree and recently getting employed as a pharmaceutical sales representative. Jeson’s father had stopped working due to health reasons. It’s now Jeson and his brother who are supporting the whole family.

As a Junior player, Jeson competed in Group 1 in Asia and became champion in China, Singapore and finalist in Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Japan. During his 2012 campaign he was able to reach 2nd round in Wimbledon & French Open and a quarter-finalist in Australian Open.

Jeson’s Comeback Journey

Jeson has come to Australia to compete in Australian Pro Tour and Australian Money Tournaments (AMT) with the aims of improving his ATP ranking and earning prize moneys to help his family. He is getting great support from top Sydney coach Luke Bourgeois, who trains him regularly at no cost.

With no other support from the Philippines, be in private or public sector Jeson is grateful for all the support of the Filipino community making his tour possible. He is now based in Hornsby with his adoptive family. Jeson’s biggest problem is accommodation whenever he goes out of town to participate in big tournaments. This month, he will be joining tournaments in Queensland – Ipswich (18-22 March) and in Bundaberg (24-29 March).

Jeson being interviewed by writer.
Jeson being interviewed by writer.

The possibility of representing the Philippines in the Davis Cup is something Jeson is hopeful for and excited to be able to do. This event will be held 9-12 April 2013 in Thailand which fits in with the tournaments he wish to join in the Australian Pro Tour.

In addition to competing in the upcoming tournaments in Ipswich and Bundaberg, Jeson is eyeing AMT men’s tournaments to be held in Gosford from 12-16 of April. Anyone who is able to make arrangements for accommodation or pledge support in any form, to assist Jeson in his tennis comeback campaign may contact: Bob Alipalo on 0411 76 4446 or email: bob [dot] alipalo [at] gmail [dot] com, or Cynthia Alipalo on 0416 1888 35 or email to Cynthia [dot] alipalo [at] gmail [dot] com

We wish Jeson success in his journey to making a mark on world tennis as he is driven by his passion for his sport, his family and his country.

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  1. avatarRod Ligan says

    So what happened to his team in the Philippines, he was regularly supported here, his education and tennis training were also aptly supported, with his mentor Mr Manny Tecson.

  2. avatar says

    jeson is a verytalented tennis player, it is true that, philippine government is disabled and paralise to give full support to the sports young men like jeson. thanks a lot to the filipino community in australia, god bless you all!

  3. avatarMae Sabandon Mar says

    Where is the Philippine Gov't? Jeson deserves support, he has been bringing the name of the country every time he plays.


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