Provocative: Why Rizal Today?

How do I relate to Rizal? Dr. Jose P. Rizal, of the “Noli” and “Fili”, the Universal Genius and Philippines National Patriot. Filipinos continue to invoke Rizal because his dream of what the Philippines should be remains elusive. One hundred and fifteen years after his martyrdom [...]

The Rizaliana Radio Festival rides high

Last November 20, the first of the RSRFS (Rizaliana Sesquicentennial Radio Festival Sydney) two drama and song recording sessions happened with nary a glitch or atypical production lapses – thanks God and to all those who believed in me that it can materialize given the unquestioning faith and genuine support of all and sundry [...]

Musings of an Accidental Radio Drama Queen (Kuno)

Little did I expect that a ‘routine’ Filpress Radio Cell meeting at the Dooley’s Club in Lidcombe would make me an overnight ‘accidental radio drama queen’ (kuno). The Radio Cell is comprised of broadcasters and producers of Filipino-Australian community radio programs. Jimmy Pimentel provides the energy and motivation behind this informal and “un-structured” radio broadcasting […]