A Dose of Enlightenment and Bewilderment

UNTIL LAST Saturday’s (February 11) Annual General Meeting and Election of the Philippine Communities Council of NSW, it has been awhile since I attended its meetings. In fact I could not even remember the year that I attended to represent our association, the North Shore Filipino-Australian Association [NSFA]. And in the years that followed my […]

Vassili issues rejoinder to Pimentel’s NSW Premier’s Awards blog

I am very disappointed that some individuals purporting to be within the community have expressed some negativity around the awards. I have been sufficiently engaged with the Filipino community long enough and count many amongst my very good friends, as a Labor Candidate, I want to dispel the unfounded correspondence as divisive and politically motivated [...]

Who won the elections?

It’s been about four months now since the Philippine Community Council – New South Wales (PCC-NSW) elections. Relationships have been strengthened and some deteriorated. Emotions ran high, and then settled down as new directions were revealed. For a term that only lasts for a year, and for an unpaid post, politics should have no place. […]