Keep women from boxing

My wife and my mate Bugsy agree on one thing about boxing: It’s not for women. Political correctness suggests that, while it may be all right for my wife to hold that view, Bugsy is out of line.

Before he cops any rolling pins from the gals, listen to his side for a minute:

“I love sheilas, any shape and sort. But if they’re on show, I’d like to see all that’s feminine about them. Girls banging away is not the same as two ugly blokes belting each other. Tell me it isn’t true?”

“My feeling is that some things are best meant for sheilas, some are best meant for blokes. And, well, vive le difference!”

In Bugsy’s defence, I would like to say that I have a gut feeling that women approach boxing in a remarkably different way: At the gym, I watch boys and girls sparring – young men and young women sparring. And I have always had a feeling that when women spar they’re “playing”.

With the boys, especially the young men, the element of “machismo” comes in. And whether or not they know it’s only a game, it’s in their nature to move faster, hit harder and don’t-give-an-inch.

Personally, my take on the subject of women’s boxing is to limit women to the amateur code, where boxing is at its purest as a game of wit, skill and speed. Professional boxing should be exclusively men’s business.

“Maybe so,” argues Bugsy. “But I still don’t like watching sheilas shuffling in an amateur boxing ring and banging away at each other.”

Amen to that, echoes my dear wife.

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  1. avatar says

    hehe, I beg to differ. It is not a man’s decision to choose what sport women should engage in.

    I like non-contact boxing. And I agree that men and women are built different.

    But whether it’s professional or amateur boxing, it’s women’s choice, not priviledge to be pro or con. ;p

  2. avatar says

    With current advances in technology, body protection is available for women boxers. I must admit that an athletic woman does appeal to me.
    I view women in boxing not as a modern event. Wing Chun was designed by the (weaker sex?) Buddhist nuns to protect themselves against thugs invading their monasteries. A smaller person then has a fighting chance. The idea is to survive, not to fight. Now a days, it is a very effective method of fitness.
    I can tell you, In the ring, I’d rather wrestle or box with a woman than a sweaty hairy male, hehehe! Any ladies for Filipino Martial Art-Balintawak Arnis?


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