Judging Miss Earth not an easy task

Judging at last week’s Miss Earth Australia 2011 final was not an easy task. I was one of the judges, and we could not agree on the winner so quickly, so the master of ceremonies had to do more adlibbing and singing to the audience while the judges huddled.

After long deliberation we voted Deedee Zubiru, of Sydney, as the 2011 Miss Earth Australia.

Lorelee and Monique in a meet with Filipino media reps two weeks ago
Lorelee and Monique in a meet with Filipino media reps two weeks ago

Two candidates of Filipino-Australian heritage, Lorelee Prentice and Monique Shippen, were among the 10 finalists.

Lorelee was in the top four. She was voted Miss Fire as third runner-up.

The audience favourite was Samantha King, of Tasmania, the second runner-up. The first runner-up was Charlotte Mudin, a former contestant at an international beauty quest. Indeed, Charlotte had excellent poise. Half of the number of judges voted for her as the 2011Miss Earth Australia. But after another round of voting, Deedee got the nod.

I was impressed with Deedee’s speech on the environment, which she delivered the day before. Deedee asked us to close our eyes and think of the beautiful places that we have seen in our lifetime, then requested us to open our eyes and asked: ”Do you think your children’s children will be able to experience this beautiful places if we did not save Mother Earth?”

The swimwear competition was also very competitive. We had to check for tattoos, which were a no-no, but not one of the candidates had any, thank God. We were also instructed to pick really slim figures.

This judging session was held at an exotic private resort in Castlecrag, North Sydney, owned by one of the judges, David Hayman. We had lots of drinks and gourmet food.

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