Marlisa thanks supporters for XFactor win

XFactor 2014 winner Marlisa It is nearly a week now since the 2014 XFactor Grand Final so some of the dedicated followers of the television reality singing competition show have gone into serious ‘withdrawal syndrome’. They stayed home to watch the contestants fight it out week after week and to be treated with the extravaganza […]

Marlisa reigns as 2014 XFactor Winner

Marlisa singing ‘Titanium’ Filipino-Aussie sensation Marlisa Punzalan tonight did the Filipino-Australian community, the Filipinos worldwide and all her supporters proud by winning the title to 2014 XFactor! As Luke Jacobz announced the result held in the envelope as “2014 XFactor Winner is Marlisa”, there was wild cheering from the studio audience and tears from Marlisa’s […]

Marlisa Punzalan to meet destiny at the XFactor Grand Final

By Gareth McCray – Guest Contributor (It is our pleasure to share with TFA readers the second comprehensive writing of Gareth McCray on what the public is to see at the XFactor Grand Final and why Marlisa deserves to win. Gareth is 2ch Radio Broadcaster, journalist, emcee of events and holds formal qualifications on theatre […]