India, China top migrant sources; new minister lists illegal bikies for deportation

By Lolita Farmer OAM Today one in four in Australia is born overseas. Australia is the new ‘land of dreams’. Where before the migrants were mostly from Europe, there is a shift towards parts of Asia to fill the gaps in the skilled workforce. India and China are the top migrant source countries. At Sydney’s […]

Thumbs down for electronic voting in Australia

By Lolita Farmer OAM Ballot papers will be with us in the future… [TFA photo] After conducting public hearings and briefings involving experts on the subject matter it looks Australia has given electronic voting a thumbs down. The Committee’s investigation, contained in its Interim Report on the Inquiry Into the Conduct of the 2013 Federal […]

Australian landmark court rulings Fil-Aussies should know

By Lolita Farmer OAM Here are highlights and compilations of some landmark decisions of Superior Courts of Australia in areas where many Filipino Australians might like to know and of relevance. There are some who find business ventures not so profitable and then find themselves listed in bankruptcy proceedings. The following case gives on insight […]

Engage, Enable, Enrich: That’s Harmony In Action

By Lolita Farmer OAM Three powerful words all beginning with “E” are the key principles of Multicultural NSW starting 2014. The letter “E” reminds me when I was part of the Reorganisation Commission of the Philippine government also in the task of looking into the government structures and agencies. Ours were: Efficiency, Effectivity, Economy. NSW […]

Federal gov’t outlines plans to make Australia safe

By Lolita Farmer OAM Addressing the multicultural media in a weather that was not friendly with rain pouring and strong winds at Strathfield Town Hall, Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Monday August 18 delivered the government’s initiative of counter-terrorism measures to make a safer Australia. Following is the report on the report. Security agencies will […]