Episode 3 – Right in the Thick of Things

1. Nilda Carpo provides a recapitulation of Episode 3’s scintillating moments.

2. Guest actor-singer-show organizer from Manila, Miguel Castro, lends a crystal clear dramatic reading of 2 of Bonifacio’s in-the-face evidence of Katipunan’s directives “Ang Dapat Mabatid ng Mga Tagalog” and ‘Ang Marahas na Anak ng Bayan” set apart here by Miguel’s ferociously heart-wrenching rendition of “Jocelynang Baliwag”, the favourite Kundiman among the revolutionaries of Bulacan during the Philippine Revolution of 1896 – earning it the title “Kundiman of the Revolution.”

3. Sydney-based Filipino-Australian stage actor and a principal mainstay amongst Radio Dalisay’s Young Pool of Talents is Stefan Gimenez, featured here reading the “Kartilya or Primer of the Katipunan-cum- Decalogue” as originally penned by Bonifacio.

4. Isabel Delgado intoxicates you with the late national artists Nick Joaquin’s most insightful historical prognostications in five dramatic acts of events leading to the famous TRIAL OF BONIFACIO underpinned by Jerry Dadap’s Andres Bonifacio Choral renditions.

5. Nilda Carpo’s searing characterization of the Katipunan’s Muse “Oryang” or Gregoria de Jesus in a dramatic reading of “Liham ni Lakambini”

6. Mon Carpo’s parting shot.


  1. Benny Chan Jr. says

    Just when you thought that the previous Episode was terrific… here comes Episode 3 that is at once mesmerising and enthralling to listen to.
    I couldn’t wait much longer to here the concluding episodes.
    The magic of radio is such that one does not have to travel far to soak up it’s wonders . You simply tune in and voila… you are transformed by simply letting your own imagination run wild, and in this case, you are aided by the fabulous array of talents that brings Bonifacio Sesquicentennial Radio Festival of Sydney alive.
    How I wished that I was able to fly again to Sydney and be part of this momentous production, as with the Rizaliana Sequicentennial last year. Bravo to everyone involved!