Episode 2 – From youthful foible to patriotic fervour (More Bonifacio Poetry)

Episode 2 features more poetry of Bonifacio’s youth “Mi Abanico“, penned in Spanish poking fun at Filipino women he sold fans to for a living. Interpreted by Marilie Bomediano in Tagalog and stage actress Isabel Delgado in Spanish.

Ms Delgado also brings to life the essay on Bonifacio by national artist Nick Joaquin. Mars Cavestany interprets “Hibik ng Pilipinas” that Ms Delgado recites into English as “The Last Appeal of the Philippines“.

. Introduction – Anchorwoman-researcher Nilda Carpo gives a birds eye view of what’s in store for Epidode 2

Guest performers, Isabel Delgado, a highly trained stage actress in our community breathes a Spanish mellifluousness in Bonifacio’s poem of his youth “Mi Abanico” also playfully essayed here by journalist-cum-promising actress Marilie Bomediano.

“Katapusang Hibik ng Pilipinas” recited by Mars Cavestany in Tagalog and Isabel Delgado in English (Last Appeal of the Philippines) mirrors injustices and tyranny under Spain wherein Bonifacio compares the supposed “Mother country” to a mother that neglects her Filipino children which justifies their rebellion.

The Last Appeal of the Philippines by Isabel Delgado.